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Savvy Soul is a school for mindful living. Savvy Soul designs and offers online courses, teacher trainings, workshops, adventure retreats, and enrichment programs (for kids) to empower you towards a more consious way of living. Our mission is based on self-discovery by exploring the mind, the heart space, and your authentic spirit. 


 We learn together to awaken more to this present moment of being. We also guide you on the path of meditation, an inner compass toward self development. 


Savvy Soul's School maintains a respected reputation of holding the most sincere, maximal, teachers across the globe! We are purposeful by being devoted to continuing our education as a tribe of teachers who will always encourage and support you on this transformative journey as we together share the art, integrity, and majestic qualities of living life to your fullest potential.


Our Mantra: Together let's consciously explore how to cultivate more mindful ways of living into everyday experiences; then we can expand our awakened wisdom within our families and local communities empowering our youth to be confident, creative, and collaberative


May all of us everywhere be Happy and Free.

May we all learn to contribute in some way to others, and expand consciousness in our communities.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.

Palms to the Heart, and Namaste


Our Tribe 

Sandra Delgado

Founder & Director

Sandra has been living a "mindful life" for well over a decade now, she studied around the globe, and learned no matter where you are, THERE you are. Sandra believes her Dharma is to continue to learn these ancient teachings, and to keep coming back to Peace, "Satchidananda" and to share the gifts and challenges she has embraced along the way. She practices "Vinyasa Krama", an old school lineage from Krishnamacharya that's highlighted focus is around breath synchronized with movement, kind of like a meditation in motion: she integrates exploring the Koshas (the energetic fields of the body) specifically, the pranic body and working through all the other layers to connect to your deepest source, called Anandamaya Kosha (bliss body) which leads to Atman. Her Buddhist teachers have guided, and encouraged her to keep a daily practice, and how to sustain the fluctuations of mind body and spirit.


You will find her approach to yoga is simple and super unique. She synchronizes the BREATH to guide movement with a methodology approach. Her classes are playful, empowering, lighthearted, approachable, and always have music involved. She uses her intuition and expertise to observe each individual at the level that is right for them. Sandra incorporates a Sankalpa (intention) with a guided meditation in every class. The body is like poetry in motion, when you add your heart’s desire, and align yourself with discipline, courage, and will power you’ll find inner peace with sustainable happiness! Sandra's intentions are to teach all 8 limbs of Yoga and integrate these practices into a modern mindful way of living. Yoga is much more than a physical practice, within the mystery you'll discover art and grace and she will lead you towards your next step for growth in this lifelong practice. You will study-Svadyaya, integrating all the wisdom into simple modern tools to live a more balanced and happy life. 


Sandra lives in a Yurt on top of a secluded mountain, in Kauai, Hawaii where she can connect to Nature, compose music/guided meditations you can find off the free app: Insight timer, she vows to practice Mindful Living every day.




























Skylar Mallas
Health & A passion for Living
Rachel S. Crane
Photographer & Entrepreneur


Munsie Davis -Somatic Anatomy


It’s been my good fortune to spend my life exploring the body-mind spectrum.  My parents were interested in meditation, eastern spirituality, health food, etc. and encouraged me when I took up a meditation practice at 14 years of age. I received a B.A. in Somatic Psychology from Hampshire College and have taken on numerous certifications related to alternative approaches to healing.  In 1995 I started teaching at the Carolina School of Massage Therapy, including “Models of Healing: East and West.”  Presently, I teach “Somatics” at the Medical Arts School in Raleigh.  My knowledge of yoga comes from Nada Yoga master, K. Sridhar.  He has been totally instrumental in shaping my teaching style.  As he would say, “It is always easy to preach but very difficult to practice.”


Munsie resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She writes curriculum for the massage school in Hillsborough!

Somatic Anatomy is now offered online as CEU's (2019).

Jai Chand Kaur
Kundalini Teacher
Co- Teacher of Trainings


Jai Chand is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and new age mantra singer. She grew up as a competitive tennis player and found the practice of yoga after developing a knee injury in college. 


She studied Kundalini Yoga in 2016 with Sat Siri at the Espanola Immersion. She also completed her 200RYT in Costa Rica at the Sanctuary at Two Rivers in 2013 where she studied Hatha, Vinyasa and Ayurveda. In Costa Rica she dove into the study of Mantra and Ritual while she was the Sous Chef of the retreat center.


Jai Chand and Grayson recently released their first single “Gobinday Mukunday”; and they are in the process of recording their debut album. Jai Chand released her own debut mantra album in September titled “Journey Home.”


Jai Chand performs at 3HO’s Summer and Winter Solstice, Wanderlust Festival, and Sat Nam Fest; leading Sadhana chants and vocally supporting various musical artists such as Hansu Jot, Aykanna, Sukha, The Sonic Devas, and Sat Purkh. 


Currently, Jai Chand leads retreats around the world and assists Level One Kundalini Yoga Trainings with Sat Siri. Her focus on weaving the Naad (Sacred Sound Current) into retreats and trainings. Jai Chand’s vision is to bring the healing power of mantra to people and places outside of the yoga and “spiritual” world. 


Anya Love
Amy Apollo
Curriculum Coordinator & Yoga Sutra Online Course

Although she had practiced yoga off-and-on for several years, Amy really committed to the practice and study of yoga as a refuge from her career as a litigation attorney in Philadelphia.  Like many people, Amy experienced the physical benefits of the practice first and then began to notice more subtle differences: the mind quieting, deep relaxation and a release of stress and anxiety. Shortly thereafter, in 2010, she completed a yoga teacher training at 7 Center Yoga Arts in Sedona, Arizona.  Then, after moving to North Carolina, Amy completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training with Allison Dennis at Heart of Yoga School.  In addition to teaching yoga movement and philosophy, Amy continues the journey of deepening her own personal practice and studying the yoga texts.

Amy’s practice and teaching focuses on bringing attention to the breath, establishing a connection between breath and body movement, and creating a space where everyone can feel safe and free to discover their own, authentic practice.

*Amy will lead the Yoga Sutra Lectures off ZOOM for our  online courses

Anya relishes the balance that yoga brings to the mind, body and spirit, and delights in helping children and adult beginners discover yoga. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she guides her students to listen to and move with their body's natural instincts. Anya was inspired to teach after the birth of her daughter, when Yin Yoga helped her heal from a hip injury and successfully manage pain. A classically trained ballet dancer from Russia, she knows yoga is more than movement, and invites you to the mental & spiritual journey inherent in mindful movement, including feeling connected to your heart and the island of Kauai.
Anya founded her dream company www.KauaiYogaOnTheBeach.com in 2009.

Anya has been envisioning and organizing this magical AlohaFest.org / Kauai Yoga Festival & Global Peace Meditation Summit for many years. She channelled visions of peace on earth, where people can live in a kind and sustainable environment, where kids can achieve a bright future! This Aloha Festival is an answer to a peace prayer. While meditating at one of the most sacred places on Kauai Anya received an answer. This answer was very simple: have as many light-workers meditate on peace synchronistically at the same time around the world and it will change the subconsciousness of our humankind to a more peaceful vibration
Creating a coherent vibration of peace and balance in the world.


Aloha Kauai Yoga and Peace festival is that prayer in motion to bridging people's hearts together to become one! The most ancient of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai acts like an amplifier, as a magical spiritually charged portal to other dimensions. Everyone involved in this Festival has heard that call of Kauai and peace in their hearts! We are building this incredible peaceful version of the human connection through divine grace and in perfect ways!

Alistair Sweeney
Yoga for Trauma

Lilly Kenny

Australian Retreat Coordinator & Yoga Life Coach


After struggling with mental health for the majority of my teenage years I discovered yoga, and it completely saved and transformed my life. From my first yoga class I was immediately drawn to the way it left me feeling more calm in my mind and body. As my practice developed I began to deepen the connection to and understanding of my body and mind. This led me on a journey of self-healing, taking in as much as I could about what yoga is and why it sparked such a strong transformation in my life when nothing else had seemed to work. Experiencing my own journey and transformation through yoga inspired me to want to share it with the world and this is where my teaching journey began.


M Y  V I S I O N

To use my experiences, knowledge and skills to share the physical and philosophical practices of yoga as well as holistic health to guide individuals towards healing, nurturing and loving themselves.

Check out Lilly's Coaching




Maharishi Raval
Tabla Maestro
Indian Classical Music Bhakti & Kirtan 

Maharshi won first prize back in 1994 at the National Youth Festival Tabla Competition in Jaipur, India and now currently uses his incredible talents to teach Tabla lessons and Indian Rhythm lessons among others, in Sydney. Teaching in different styles such as Classical, Folk and Fusion with students ranging from the youngest of beginners to the more advanced, this is a man with the patience to teach. Although Maharshi has taken time to see the world and play his music, it seems that he has as great a talent for teaching as he has for the tabla.

Though currently residing in Sydney, he has travelled the world. From travelling with vocalists and dancers to instrumentalists, he can say he has really seen it all. In addition to having already performed at the Sydney Opera House at least once in his lifetime already; this is to say quite a bit for his accomplishments already in his life since not many can claim to have done this even once in their lifetimes. Maharshi is preparing for yet another performance there. Maharshi Raval can add to his résumé his performances at the Oz Asia Festival and on various Australian TV shows as well. Some of which include the above mentioned Kerri-anne show, X-Factor with India-Rose and Good News Week with Sarangan.

In November of 2012, while teaching at the Benaras Gharana school, Maharshi Raval was performing with hang drum player, Prabhu. Together their live music performance became an extraordinary fusion of East and West, New Age and Folk, Jazz and Dance, Trance/Spiritual and World Music all rolled into one beautiful work of art. Their music was truly an uncharted journey to celebrate life, a connection with nature through enchantment with sound and vibration.

Sandy Delgado & Maharishi, met through Prabhu, this vibrational and divine connection will always be remembered.  Together we vow to keep creating music, Naada Yoga, and Absolute Bliss with Prabhu in our hearts. 

Sam Bijok 

Yoga Therapist


I began practicing yoga in 1999. I found the combination of swimming and yoga awesome for my chronic back pain. I also found it quite fun and challenging to do ‘pretzel’ poses. My girlfriend and I used to like to perform them as party tricks and compete with one another. (Warning do not try this at home!) After moving to the outer suburbs of Sydney in 2003 I was desperate to keep yoga in my life but was dismayed to find very few places to practice in the area, so I decided, then and there, that I wanted to be a yoga teacher, to forever keep yoga in my life. Plus I thought, all the older women I knew who practiced yoga all looked really healthy and great for their ages. Sounded good to me. It was all pretty superficial really. So I enrolled in an Advance Diploma in Yoga Teaching course at Nature Care College in St Leonards. Just over a year full time and around 1000 hours and my internal (and external) life began to change. It was the internal change that was what so intriguing. I began to recognise many of my reactions in life were coming from a very turbulent, unstable and un-safe (for want of a better word) upbringing. Without going into detail I have experienced my fair share of traumas. Whatever size they were, they were real and they were mine to learn and grow from. Whether you have experienced trauma or not.


Many of us experience anxiety and depression or both, as a result of trauma, illness, extended periods of stress, grief or from a myriad of other reasons in life. Yoga can help us to overcome or at the very least be at peace with our inner turmoil, break our habits and stop self sabotaging. I wanted to help myself and others with yoga. I continued to work on myself with my home practice and I continued my education in yoga in a variety of areas, mental health, children’s yoga and yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is really just yoga in more depth and individualised. Again yoga therapy was for myself to begin with and then for others. Thanks to Ryoho Yoga Therapy, I believe I have corrected a bulging disc in my neck and I am stronger and healthier than I ever have been. This still amazes me! 

Yoga has gotten me through my darkest days, meditation has been my medication, basically #yogakeepsmesane. I am here now a senior registered yoga teacher with Yoga Australia and a registered Yoga Therapist with AAYT. What does that mean? Well it doesn’t make me ‘feel’ any different or make me ‘better’ than any other yoga teacher. I recognise I am still a student of yoga and I will most likely never become a ‘guru’, I will always be a student, what it means is, whatever I learn in my own practice, with my teachers and continuing my education, I can share with you. If that makes a difference in your life, then I am fulfilling part of my role in this life. Sam owns & directs Austral Yoga & Host Savvy Soul trainings in Australia.

| www.australyoga.com.au |

Sally Okkerse


For Savvy Soul Kids Mindful Living Cards

I am Sally, a mixed media artist, writer & teacher based in Sydney, Australia.



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