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| Sunday 8-9:30am | Yoga |

| Sunday 9-10am Chair Yoga |

Location: Kauai Athletic Club Kapaa

Photography & Yoga Workshop
Location: Private (TBA, Outdoors)
Dates: May 15-16, 2020

Join us for an integrated weekend of learning how to take pictures of Yoga poses, and just learning how to use your camera. We are delighted to have Rachel Crane, a famous local photographer, editorial and lifestyle professional to guide us on the basic steps of camera and yoga.  Her passion is teaching and we will combine yoga classes, nature hikes and outdoor photography in this weekend workshops.


Some Topics Will Include


  • Keys to great photography: composition, ISO, aperture, focus settings, and more

  • Taking control of the camera – understanding what all of the modes, dials, buttons and settings are used for

  • Learning to see light, capturing the “moment” and angles of view in Yoga Poses

  • How to get a proper exposure for the scene you’re photographing

  • How different lenses can enhance your images

  • Using your camera’s built-in flash or an accessory flash to take well-lit photos

  • Empowering Pranic Flow Yoga Class Led by Sandy

  • How to sequence a yoga class based on your needs

  • Which Yoga Poses to work within Marketing 






Outdoor Photography (TBA)

Kauai, Hawaii



Saturday 12-4pm

Sunday 12-4pm





Minimum 8/Max 16












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