Maharishi Raval

Tabla Maestro
Indian Classical Music - Bhakti & Kirtan

Maharshi won first prize back in 1994 at the National Youth Festival Tabla Competition in Jaipur, India and now currently uses his incredible talents to teach Tabla lessons and Indian Rhythm lessons among others, in Sydney. Teaching in different styles such as Classical, Folk and Fusion with students ranging from the youngest of beginners to the more advanced, this is a man with the patience to teach. Although Maharshi has taken time to see the world and play his music, it seems that he has as great a talent for teaching as he has for the tabla.

Though currently residing in Sydney, he has travelled the world. From travelling with vocalists and dancers to instrumentalists, he can say he has really seen it all. In addition to having already performed at the Sydney Opera House at least once in his lifetime already; this is to say quite a bit for his accomplishments already in his life since not many can claim to have done this even once in their lifetimes. Maharshi is preparing for yet another performance there. Maharshi Raval can add to his résumé his performances at the Oz Asia Festival and on various Australian TV shows as well. Some of which include the above mentioned Kerri-anne show, X-Factor with India-Rose and Good News Week with Sarangan.

In November of 2012, while teaching at the Benaras Gharana school, Maharshi Raval was performing with hang drum player, Prabhu. Together their live music performance became an extraordinary fusion of East and West, New Age and Folk, Jazz and Dance, Trance/Spiritual and World Music all rolled into one beautiful work of art. Their music was truly an uncharted journey to celebrate life, a connection with nature through enchantment with sound and vibration.

Sandy Delgado & Maharishi, met through Prabhu, this vibrational and divine connection will always be remembered.  Together we vow to keep creating music, Naada Yoga, and Absolute Bliss with Prabhu in our hearts.