Beth Levin


As an accomplished career coach and trainer, I assisted thousands of adults in reaching their personal and professional goals. Even as a leader in my local and professional communities, with my treasure of tools, nothing was enough to prepare me or help me cope when I had my life “crash”.
In February of 2011, I had a life-threatening car accident that left me with a concussion, residual pain and tremendous fatigue. I was determined to be proactive and positive and dedicated myself to learning about neuroscience, happiness and resilience. Gratefully, I incorporated my knowledge into my work.
By 2017, I was depleted both mentally and physically, and didn’t realize I was also depressed. My left ear had been painful and I couldn't hear out of it off and on for two years. My hearing was hypersensitive and I couldn’t tolerate earbuds. I had to rest before driving home from work and lie down after phone meetings. I wasn’t sleeping. The last straw was not being able to read a computer screen! I was freaked out, scared and also ashamed, how was I going to work? My theory of taking 30 days off of work to rest and heal did nothing, and I actually got worse. I felt so alone, hopeless, lost and tried a number of traditional methods for my healing. 
I meditated every day still, even though I felt disconnected, and slowly made my way out of my downward spiral. Through much trial and error, I am grateful to have eventually found the right mix of healing people and practices that allowed me to get through my most trying times. I vowed to God, universal spirit, whomever, I would use my life helping other people facing a health or life crisis, chronic illness, etc. to help them obtain the best health and quality of life possible, even within limitations. 
Let me share with you my lessons learned and super helpful resources and tools I’ve acquired on my own personal journey so you too can be supported. Let’s build a community together so we can make our lives richer and more meaningful while feeling our best. I invite you to consider working with me to find your strength and best possible health.