Munsie Davis

Somatic Educator

I had the good fortune to be exposed to Somatic concepts before the word was even coined.  My parents were students of Edgar Cayce and interested in natural healing modalities, dream interpretation, Jungian psychology, meditation, etc.  I obtained my B.A. from Hampshire College in Somatic Psychology by exploring the relationship of mind, body, and spirit with leaders in the field in breathwork, movement repatterning, and humanistic psychology.  After graduation, I spent the next 20 years being a workshop junkie and testing out lots of things in my own life while working around the performing arts.  Then in 1995 I completed my massage therapy training and have worked for 25 years doing somatic bodywork influenced by training in Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Trager, and craniosacral work.


Credit should also be given to the practice of yoga for teaching me so much.  Alignment/posture, attention/consciousness, and breath are brought together and with patience all things become possible.  These are such simple tools and yet so powerful.  It sounds great until one bumps up against resistance on a personal level but there is nothing like undoing one’s own knots for learning this technology from the inside out. 


Besides providing private session, I also enjoy speaking and teaching about this work.  From 1995-1999 I served on the faculty of the Carolina School of Massage therapy and developed the curriculum for a new class entitled “East/West Models of Healing” which looked at different concepts of how healing takes place.  Presently I teach Somatics at Carolina Massage Institute and Gwinnet College.  I have also taught the physiology of somatic responses for yoga teacher trainings.