Spring Break Camp

When: March (Monday & Friday) 2020

Time:12pm - 3pm


Healing Horses Kapaa, Hawaii

Savvy Soul Kids
We love our kid's classes, camps, and enrichment programs.

Savvy Soul Kids is a yoga and mindfulness enrichment program. We work in schools, studios, and therapy centers to not only teach kids a unique way of learning, but we also build courage, resilience, and kindness. Currently, we are creating resources to support our local community in Kauai and collectively teach our youth how to self regulate, love themselves and "be" in the present moment. Supporting our youth and their unique spirits, our programs focus on developing physical, social, emotional skills and enhancing concentration strategies to cultivate wellbeing, resilience, self-love, and peace. 

We currently work with 2nd to 8th grade to establish healthy habits from the start, while encouraging each of them to always cherish their creative spirit.


Our program is all about sparking interest, relationships, curiosity, and imagination. With a diverse mix of movement and mindfulness activities, our youth will learn a variety of ways to connect with their body/mind/spirit, including partner and group work, as well as breathing games and meditation techniques. Several of our games offer opportunities for creative self-expression. A portion of each class will be used to create a piece of art that correlates in some way with that day's theme. Typically, the artwork is nature-based, using recycled or natural materials, and involves purpose as well as patience. We like to include sound, and encourage kids to sing, and play instruments.  We promise your kid will love hanging out with us, will develop self-awareness and deepen their inner connections while having fun. 


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