Sandra Delgado

Founder and Director

Sandra has been living a "mindful life" for well over a decade now, she studied around the globe, and learned no matter where you are, THERE you are. Sandra believes her Dharma is to continue to learn these ancient teachings, and to keep coming back to Peace, "Satchidananda" and to share the gifts and challenges she has embraced along the way. She practices "Vinyasa Krama", an old school lineage from Krishnamacharya that's highlighted focus is around breath synchronized with movement, kind of like a meditation in motion: she integrates exploring the Koshas (the energetic fields of the body) specifically, the pranic body and working through all the other layers to connect to your deepest source, called Anandamaya Kosha (bliss body) which leads to Atman. Her Buddhist teachers have guided, and encouraged her to keep a daily practice, and how to sustain the fluctuations of mind body and spirit.


You will find her approach to yoga is simple and super unique. She synchronizes the BREATH to guide movement with a methodology approach. Her classes are playful, empowering, lighthearted, approachable, and always have music involved. She uses her intuition and expertise to observe each individual at the level that is right for them. Sandra incorporates a Sankalpa (intention) with a guided meditation in every class. The body is like poetry in motion, when you add your heart’s desire, and align yourself with discipline, courage, and will power you’ll find inner peace with sustainable happiness! Sandra's intentions are to teach all 8 limbs of Yoga and integrate these practices into a modern mindful way of living. Yoga is much more than a physical practice, within the mystery you'll discover art and grace and she will lead you towards your next step for growth in this lifelong practice. You will study-Svadyaya, integrating all the wisdom into simple modern tools to live a more balanced and happy life. 


Sandra lives in a Yurt on top of a secluded mountain, in Kauai, Hawaii where she can connect to Nature, compose audio guided meditations and write curriculum for insight timer, and her new workbook journal coming out in 2022. Find more of her inspiration of the free app: Insight timer, she vows to practice Mindful Living every day.