Sandy Delgado

Founder and Director

Sandra has been living a "mindful life" for well over two decades now, she studied around the globe (Australia, North Carolina, California). She has led accredited yoga teacher trainings for the past seven years, and international workshops in self development, meditation, and holistic wellness for sixteen years.


Sandra believes her Dharma is to continue to learn these ancient teachings, and to keep coming back to Peace, "Satchidananda" and to share the gifts and challenges she has embraced along the way. Some of her biggest inspirations are her Buddhist teachers, Sumi Kim (Yale University Chaplain) and Ajahn Brahm of Western Australia. They have both guided her in life's toughest times, and taught her how to share her gifts with our youth. She use to work for Sumi Kim at the Sati school near Duke University. Sandra loves to teach our youth, holding an annual keiki kids camp based around mindfulness and stress reduction. She encourages herself to keep a daily practice, because we are constantly going through the peaks and vallies of life and living mindfully is the most effective, preventative way to stay happy and healthy in the body-mind and the spirit. 


You will find her approach to yoga is simple and super unique. She synchronizes the BREATH to guide movement with a methodology approach. Her classes are playful, empowering, lighthearted, approachable, and often have music involved. She uses her (physic) intuition and expertise to observe each individual at the level that is right for them. Sandra incorporates a Sankalpa (intention) with a guided meditation in every class. The body is like poetry in motion, when you add your heart’s desire, and align yourself with discipline, courage, and will power you’ll find inner peace with sustainable happiness! Sandra's intentions are to teach all 8 limbs of Yoga and integrate these practices into a modern mindful way of living. Yoga is much more than a physical practice, within the mystery you'll discover art and grace and she will lead you towards your next step for growth in this lifelong practice. You will study-Svadyaya, integrating all the wisdom into simple modern tools to live a more balanced and happy life. 


Sandra lives in a Yurt on top of a secluded mountain, in Kauai, Hawaii. She admires nature and must connect to nature, everyday to stay balanced and she says she has to have some needed alone time on the daily as well! She likes to sing mantras in Sanskrit and wants to learn the local Oli (Hawaiian) chants. She composes audio guided meditations and will start writing curriculum for insight timer for 2023, and her new workbook journal also coming out in 2023.


Sandra has a gentle and joyous child like spirit with a deep southern draw accent! She has a personality trait of a highly sensitive person, often coined as called sensory processing sensitivity or an HSP. 


Find more of her inspiration on the free app: Insight timer, she has some social media pages (Pinterest, Facebook) yet tries to be on computers less and leave the online work for the marketing team!


Namaste & Mahalo, Thanks for getting to know Sandy more....